Thanks and Credits

Many thanks to all who have contributed to City of Things;

Andrea Pattico and Joy Community Choir, Murray Lachlan Young, Annie Gray, Peter Devine, Bill Strang, The Open University Choir, Polymnia and Quorum Choirs, Linsdale Singers, organist, Paul Daggett, Liz Camp, Fay Grech-Marguerat, Caroline Dickens and Beyond the C Choir, Emiko Rogers and Sakura Ladies Japanese Choir, Boyd & Evans, Mike Le Roy, Mercedes Grower, Duncan Brown, Ben Campbell and MK Dons, Martin Kincaid and The Parks Trust, Lee Farmer, Emma Wilde, Aaron Head, Michael Brodbin and Psycle, Sister Maruta and Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple, Glenn O’Halloran, Thomas Cuthbertson, Anthony Spira, Niki Braithwaite, Simon Wright and MK Gallery, Gareth Jones and City Club, Erica Munro, Iain Standen, Kate Travers, Sarah Armond, Jonathan Byrne and Bletchley Park, Lucy Bedford and Shane Downer at MK Council, Rebecca Kurth from CMK Town Council, Tim Skelton from Public Arts Trust, Kevin Duffy, Nicola Darby, Kim Priest, Beverley Lumsdon, Stephen Pye and centre:mk, John Harper and the Bombe Rebuild Trust, Amanda Molcher, Elizabeth Knight and Cowper & Newton Museum, Mark Gaved and The Open University, National Museum of Computing, Anne Dietz de Broise, Anouar Kassim, Gregory Finch, Felix Carey, Roger Kitchen, Mel Jeavons, Helen Innes and Living Archive MK, Milton Keynes Museum, Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre, Shane Woolman and The Wire Magazine, Rachael Marshall, Kamlesh Prajapati, Brian Smith at Feonics, Brian Knott and Marc Ogier at Commercial Audio Solutions, Stephen Pitt at Anthony Gallo Acoustics. Isobel and John, thanks for your patience.

Special thanks to Matthew Holley who recorded the voices of Murray Lachlan Young and Annie Gray, Joy Community Choir singing Amazing Grace at The OU studio and Spem in Alium on location. Matthew is an experienced media producer, with 28 years of work behind him. He spent the first half of his career at the BBC and currently works for The Open University in Milton Keynes.